Supported fields for data file imports

Import your data into the most appropriate field in ClickUp.

Make sure your data is properly formatted before you import your data file.


What you'll need

  • Unlimited imports are available on all plans.

  • Workspace owners and admins can import data into a Workspace

Standard Fields

You can import data into a huge number of task fields.




Task name

Task name is the only required field.

Create a bug-reporting form


Include your task statuses to your data and on the final step, you'll be able to map imported statuses as ClickUp statuses.

In Progress


Add a column for subtasks in your CSV file with a list of subtask titles to be created in each task you import. Separate them with any delimiter you like.

Nested subtasks are not supported. You can import them as subtasks and convert them to nested subtasks using the Bulk Action Toolbar.

Subtask 1, Subtask 2, Subtask 3

Description content

Include a task description with your import. Only plain text will be imported.

Our team needs a more efficient way to process bug reports so let's create a form to capture them

Task assignee(s)

Assign tasks by including an email address.

For multiple assignees, you can use a delimiter such as commas or pipes.

During the import process, you'll be able to map imported users into ClickUp users.

You can even choose to create new ClickUp users or not import users.,

List (ClickUp)

To import tasks into separate Lists, use this column to group tasks in different Lists in ClickUp.

Engineering team priorities

Due date

Set a due date for your tasks using the date and time formats.


Start date

Set a start date for your tasks using the date and time formats.


Date created

Include the date a task was created.



Map your task priorities to ClickUp priorities.


1 = Urgent

2 = High

3 = Normal

4 = Low


Custom priorities are not available in ClickUp.



Separate tasks by any delimiter you choose such as commas or pipes.

tag 1, tag 2, tag 3

Time estimate

Include the estimated or budgeted time for each task.

1 hour

2 hr 30 m


Time tracked

Include time tracked or spent working on a task.

1 hour

2 hr 30 m



Import one checklist per task that will be named Checklist.


Separate checklist items by any delimiter such as commas or pipes.

Checklist item 1, checklist item 2, checklist item 3


Checklist item 1 |checklist item 2 | checklist item 3

Location fields cannot be imported at this time.

Custom Fields

You can create a new Custom Field or map to an existing Custom Field using the Custom Fields library button during the import process.


The following Custom Field types are available:

Custom Field type



Refer to our supported date and time formats.

Dropdown (include multiple options with any delimiter such as commas or pipes)

Option 1, Option 2, Option 3

Option 1 | Option 2 | Option 3


Labels (include multiple labels with any delimiter such as commas or pipes)

Label 1, Label 2, Label 3

Label 1 | Label 2 | Label 3






An area code is required to import data into a phone number Custom Field.

(212) 555 1234


This is a single line of text.

Text area (Long text)

This is a longer paragraph of text. It will be imported into ClickUp to add context to the task. Due to the specialized nature of this text, it needs to be imported into a custom field.


Next steps

Prepare a file for import

Ensure your files are prepared for import with the right data formatting so your team can start using ClickUp right away.

Import a data file

With a properly formatted file, including all the data you need to import your work into ClickUp, you are ready to bring your work into ClickUp.


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