Create nested subtasks

Nested subtasks are even more granular than subtasks! Just like tasks and subtasks, you can add detailed information to like assignees, due dates, and priorities to nested subtasks.

Software teams, nested subtasks can be used for epics! Or you can organize the cross-functional teams working on the same feature by creating product, design, and engineering nested subtasks.

Screenshot of the Nested Subtasks ClickApp.


What you'll need

Enable Nested Subtasks 

To enable this ClickApp:

  1. Click your Workspace avatar and select ClickApps
  2. Enable the Nested Subtasks ClickApp. 
  3. Click the Options dropdown to enable up to seven levels of nested subtasks. If you don't make a selection, three levels is the default. 
    • If you decide to reduce the number of levels after the initial setup, any existing nested subtasks remain in your Workspace. After changing the setup, you won't be able to add more than the last selected number of levels. 

Create a nested subtask

You can create a nested subtask from an open task or from a List or Board view, just like creating subtasks. 

In all locations to create a nested subtask, click the + icon next to an existing subtask. You'll be able to rearrange or move it if needed.


Rearrange and move nested subtasks 

You can rearrange or move a nested subtask in the following ways:

  • Move it to a different subtask.

  • Move it to another List.

  • Change its nested layer.

  • Convert it to a subtask.

  • Convert it to a task.

Move nested subtasks using drag and drop

Drag and drop tasks, subtasks, or nested subtasks to layer them in the task Hierarchy however you'd like.

Once you've selected the task you'd like to move, a colorful line will appear. This helps visualize exactly where you'll be moving the task to and where it will fall in the Hierarchy.

Move nested subtasks using the task settings menu

You can use your nested subtask's ellipsis ... menu to move it to another task, convert it into a task, or merge it with another task:

  1. Open the nested subtask you want to move.

  2. Click the ellipsis ... menu.

  3. Select Move, Convert to, or Merge.

Note: If you move a nested subtask to a location with different statuses, you will be asked to select a new status from the options available in the new location.

Nested subtasks across views

Visualize all of your nested subtasks by clicking the expand icon when using List view, Board view, Gantt view, and Mind Maps.

Tip: To automatically expand subtasks and nested subtasks in Task views, you will need to show subtasks as separate tasks.

You can also see a task's subtasks and nested subtasks anywhere in your Workspace by opening the task and scrolling down to the To Do section in the lower-left corner of the task modal. You can add, edit, and expand subtasks and nested subtasks from here as well.

Keyboard shortcuts

When you quick-create a task in List view or create a new subtask from the task modal, hit tab to indent or shift+tab to outdent by one level. This allows you to create nested subtasks in as few clicks as possible.

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