Measure your Sprints

Keep your Sprint reporting Dashboards updated with the latest data.

This article is about our Legacy Sprint cards. Our new Sprint cards offer improved accuracy and performance enhancements! Legacy cards will not be deprecated right away. 

What you'll need

  • Sprints are available on every ClickUp Plan.
  • Sprint Automations and Sprint Dashboard cards are available on the Business Plan and above.
  • 100 uses of Sprint Points are available on our Free Forever and Unlimited Plans.
  • Unlimited Sprint Points are available on our Business Plan and above.
  • A Workspace owner or admin will need to enable the Sprints ClickApp.
  • Guests can work on tasks in sprints, just like regular tasks.
  • Guests cannot create sprints. 

Add cards to a new Dashboard

To add a legacy Burnup, Burndown, or Velocity card to your Sprint, open a new or existing Dashboard and do the following:

  1. From the upper-right corner, click + Add Card.

  2. Select Sprints.

  3. Select Sprint Burndown, Sprint Burnup, or Sprint Velocity.

  4. You can rename your card.

  5. Source: Click to open and select Sprints to filter only Sprints.

    We suggest selecting Current Sprint so the card will be updated every time a new sprint starts based on your sprint cadence.

  6. Time range:
    • Burnup and Burndown: The Time range field automatically updates with the range of the Sprints you selected.

    • Velocity: Select the number of weeks you want to track. 
  7. Amount of work: Click to open the and select how your x-axis will be measured. You can choose Sprint Points, Time Estimate, or Average age of tasks

  8. Status group counted as completion: Select either the Closed or Done status to track completed tasks. 
  9. Choose to include subtasks, archived tasks, Tasks in Mulitple Lists, and Subtasks in Multiple Lists. We suggest including Tasks in Multiple Lists.

  10. You can select a filter by clicking the Filter icon.

Example of a Burndown Chart.

For Burnup and Burndown cards, you can select multiple Sprints even if they aren't in the same Folder because the chart displays the total amount of work completed.

An image of a Velocity Chart. The graph has a spotted red line which shows the velocity of the chart thus far. One bar is shown which is made up of three different colors.

For Velocity cards, you can only select from Sprints within the same Folder because the chart displays your average amount of work completed for the time period you defined.

Update existing cards

To update your legacy Burnup, Burndown, or Velocity cards, do the following. 

  1. Open your Dashboard.

  2. In the upper-left corner of the Dashboard, enable Edit mode
  3. Hover in the upper-right corner of the card and click the Settings icon.
  4. Edit your card.

To ensure your data is summarized correctly and that your cards refresh, organize your Sprints into a Folder. The current Sprint cannot be automatically summarized on the Space level.

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