Email in ClickUp FAQ

This article contains frequently asked questions about Email in ClickUp.

What happens if I delete the email in my inbox?

Emails added to ClickUp are preserved in the thread even if you delete the email in the inbox.

Why can't I see email as an option under the comments section?

Email in ClickUp is a ClickApp! Make sure it is turned on by an owner or admin.

Can guests send emails?

No, guests cannot send emails. The ability to send emails is available to admins, owners, and members.

Can I use an email alias or shared email address?

If you can log into your email service using an email alias, then you can use it with Email in ClickUp! Shared email addresses are supported if the shared email address has its own account credentials you can use to log into your email service.

Does ClickUp suggest recipients from my email account?

Yes. We store some of your contacts when you first set up an email account, and request more to display as suggestions while you are typing in the To, CC, and BCC fields. 

Can I see if the recipient has seen my email?

No. To ensure compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we no longer use a tracking pixel to display if an email sent from ClickUp has been seen.

How can I see how many email accounts are linked in my Workspace?

To see how many email accounts are linked:

  1. Click your account avatar in the upper-right corner and select My settings. From the sidebar, click Integrations.
  2. Select Email.
  3. Add, remove, and manage all email accounts that are linked to your Workspace.

What happens to paid email accounts that I no longer need? 

Empty email slots fall off when the billing cycle renews. 

Why isn't my email Automation working?

 If an email Automation isn't working, your email account may need to be reauthorized. Try the following:

  1. In the Space, Folder, or List where your Automation is located, open a task.
  2. Click the comment area.
  3. Click the Send Email icon.
  4. In the From section, click the email address.
  5. Click Manage accounts.
  6. Hover over the inactive account and select Restore account.
    Image of the email accounts modal showing the Restore account button
  7. Complete the remaining prompts to authorize your email account. 

Once you've reauthorized your email account, test your Automation. Removing someone from your Workspace when their email address is being used for an Email Automation will disable the Automation.

What does the error code NAUTH_013 mean? 

This error means that your Microsoft organization has denied us access to link to the mailbox. Some of the reasons include: 

  • Incorrect User Permissions
  • Incorrect Global Permissions: Third party applications may be blocked
  • Invalid ActiveSync Settings
  • Invalid MDM settings

What does the error code CONT_002 mean?

This error is typically seen when using an email Automation. To resolve the error, reauthorize the email account connected to your Workspace or set the email to Active

What does the error code ACCESS_137 mean? 

This error means that you do not have permission to send from that email address. To resolve the error, the owner of the email address must update the account permissions. 

Why is my email not sending, posting as a comment, or returning the error NEMAIL_002?

There may be an authorization issue with your email account. Remove and reconnect the account and try again.

If I send an email from a task will the reply appear in my Inbox? 

Yes! If you're a watcher on the task and have comment notifications enabled, the reply will appear in your Inbox since email replies are added to the task as new comments.  

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