Email in ClickUp FAQ

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What if I delete the email in my inbox?

 Emails added to ClickUp will be preserved in the thread even if you delete the email in the inbox.

Why can't I see email as an option under the comments section?

Email in ClickUp is a ClickApp! Make sure it is turned on by an owner or admin.

Can Guests send emails?

The ability to send emails is available to admins, owners, and members. Guests do not have access to this feature.

Can I use an email alias or shared email address?

At this time, shared email addresses are only supported if the shared email address has its own account credentials you can use to log into your email service.

If you can log into your email service using an email alias, then you can use it with our Email in ClickUp feature.

Does ClickUp suggest recipients from my email account?

Yes! We store some of your contacts when you first set up an email account, and request more to display as suggestions while you are typing in the To, CC, and BCC fields. 

Can I see if the recipient has seen my email?

Yes, you can see how many times a recipient has seen your email message through a tracking pixel. This is displayed by the counter on your sent email. If the recipient's email service provider scans the email for any reason (such as spam, junk, phishing, or malicious email detection) then it will increase the seen counter. 

How can I see how many email accounts are linked in my Workspace?

From your Integrations settings, select the email icon. You'll be able to add, remove and manage your emails in the Workspace.

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