Outlook Email Authentication

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This doc covers how to connect your Outlook account to ClickUp so you can send and receive email communications from within a task thread. Click here to learn more about our Email in ClickUp feature.

How to Connect Your Outlook Email to ClickUp

Step 1

  • Within your task, click the down carrot next to comment and select Send mail

Screenshot of someone clicking the down carrot next to comment and selecting 'Send mail' from the options.

Step 2

  • Next to From, select Link an email

  • Sign in with Outlook and enter your email and password

Note: Your password will either be the password to your account, if you're using an exchange server host, or an app password.

Here's how to get the app password:

  1. Login to your Outlook account and open your security settings

  2. Select More security options

  3. Turn on two-step verification

  4. Under "App Passwords" click Create new password

  5. Copy and paste the auto-generated password back into ClickUp

  6. Sign in!

Note: It may take a few minutes to load after clicking save.

Your account is now linked!

Step 3

  • Choose who can send emails from this account, create signatures, and build email templates

  • Click Done to start sending emails from ClickUp!

Screenshot showing the options of who can send emails from a particular account in ClickUp.

Note: You can also manage your email preferences by going to your Integrations and clicking on Email.

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