Create tasks via email and add emails to tasks

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You can create a new task directly from your email inbox, and include a copy of the email within your new task! If you'd instead like to send emails from your Workspace, check out this article about the Email in ClickUp ClickApp.

What you'll need

  • These features are available on every ClickUp plan.

  • Workspace members and above can create tasks via email and add emails to tasks.

    • Note: Guests can create tasks and add comments if the unique address is shared with them, but they are not able to generate the address.

  • For integration workflows, we recommend using the ClickUp API instead of email to create large quantities of tasks. We do not currently support the automation of this feature.

Create tasks via email

Tasks are created within Lists, so first, you'll want to find the List where you'll be adding new tasks:

  1. In your left Sidebar, hover over the destination List.

  2. Click the ellipsis ... icon.
  3. Click Email to List.

  4. Click Copy.
    Screenshot highlighting the 'copy' button in the 'create tasks by email' modal.

    • Tip: Save your task and List addresses to your contacts to add tasks on the go.

  5. When an email is sent to this List address, a new task is created in this List, and the email is attached to it.

You can also create tasks via email on the mobile app!

Your task will be created with the following details:

  • Task name: The subject line will be the task's name.

  • Task description: The body text of the email will be the task description.

    • Note: The sender's email address will also appear in the task description.

  • Assign:

    • <assign me> will assign the task to the user associated with the email address you are sending from.

    • <assign> will assign the task to the user associated with

    • Tip: You can set multiple Assignees by including more than one <assign> tag in the subject line.

  • Tags: Use <tag tag_name> in the subject line as many times as you want to add multiple tags! If the tag doesn't exist, ClickUp automatically creates a new tag!

  • Due Date: Include a <due> tag in the subject line to set your task's due date!

    • To set a time, use the following syntax: <due mm/dd/yyyy at 2pm>.

    • Tip: You can also use natural language in this tag to set the due date:

      • <due next Friday>

      • <due 20th of August 2021>

  • Attachments: Any attachments will be added as attachments to the task. Images within the email body will also be added as attachments.

    • Note: Due to AWS limitations, we are only able to process email attachments when the combined size of all attachments in a single email is less than 10mb.

  • Created by: The sender's email address will be added to the Created by field in task view. You can also add the Created by field to List view and Table view.

    • Tip: When you compose a new email on a task that was originally created from an email, the task creator's email address is suggested for you to use. Simply click on the suggested email to add it to the To: field!

Screenshot showing a task that was made via email.

All tasks created via email automatically add you as a watcher despite your notification settings.

Add comments via email

Comments are added within tasks, so first, you'll want to find the task where you'll be adding new comments.

To generate the unique address:

  1. Open a task.

  2. Click on the ellipsis ... menu at the top of the task window.

  3. Click on Send email to task from the menu options.

  4. Click Copy to copy the address for this task.

Sending an email to a ClickUp task will:

  • Attach any text in your email as a comment.

    • Note: The sender's email address will be shown on comments created via email. If the email matches a user in the Workspace, their Avatar and name will be shown.

  • Attach the full HTML as an attachment within your comment.

When replying to a comment created from an email, you'll get the choice to reply as a comment in ClickUp, or you can send a new email using our Email ClickApp.

Add comments via notification emails

You can respond directly to notifications emails you receive from ClickUp! Any response will be added as a comment to the task and attachments will be included as well.

You must use the email address associated with your ClickUp account in order to reply to notifications. 

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