Docs overview

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ClickUp Docs are effortlessly integrated with your tasks and projects, empowering your team to take action immediately and get work done faster.

Key Features

Check out these powerful and flexible Docs features!

Create Docs from anywhere in ClickUp

Quickly create Docs from anywhere in your Workspace:

  1. Open the create Doc modal:
    • If you're using ClickUp 3.0: From the toolbar at the top-right, click New, then select the Doc tab.
    • If you're using ClickUp 2.0: In the lower-right corner, click the Quick Action menu, then click New Doc.
  2. Create your new Doc!

You can also quickly create Docs using the Command Center.


Add structure to the content in your Docs using pages and subpages. Drag and drop pages to quickly re-order and nest them inside other pages. Add cover images and page icons using popular emoji to add flair to your content!

Screenshot showing the add page icon.

Search Docs

Locate a specific page in your Doc by searching for keywords or phrases.

To search a Doc with several pages:

  1. Open the Doc.
  2. In the Pages sidebar, click the search icon.
  3. Type a keyword or phrase.
  4. Pages that include the word or phrase will appear in the search results.

Screenshot of someone searchig Pages of a Doc with a keyword.

Learn more about the text formatting available in Docs.


Bring your content from other apps into ClickUp Docs to use rich formatting and collaborative editing.


Take your Docs outside of ClickUp by exporting them into PDF, HTML, or markdown.

Screenshot of the import and export menu for Docs.



Add comments to Docs to collaborate with your team! Ask and answer questions, provide feedback and approval, or suggest content with rich text formatting, embeds, and attachments.

Screenshot showing how to leave a comment in the Doc

Doc comments are automatically assigned to Anyone or the first person or Team that you mention in a comment.

Doc Tags

Apply tags to filter and find the Docs you're looking for even faster.

Screenshot showing the add doc tag icon.

Workspaces on our Free Forever Plan, Unlimited Plan, and Business Plan have 100 uses of Doc tags. Workspaces on the Business Plus Plan and Enterprise Plan have unlimited uses. Learn more about our Plans.


Create a Doc view, or add a Doc to a Location to show it right alongside your views.

Screenshot showing the add doc view modal.

Deleting a Doc view will also delete the Doc. To avoid deleting the Doc, move the Doc's location before deleting the view. 

Add Docs to the Sidebar

Add Docs to the Sidebar so they appear alongside your Folders and Lists in the ClickUp hierarchy.

Screenshot showing a doc in the sidebar.


Find and create templates to speed up the writing process and keep your Docs consistent.

Screenshot showing the save as template button.

Privacy and Sharing

Set permissions and share your beautiful content with others in your organization and the world!

Screenshot showing the doc sharing modal.


Relate Docs and tasks to build connections and relationships between content and your work.

Screenshot showing the relationships button.

Protect Docs and Pages

Prevent unwanted changes to your pages and Docs by protecting them.

Screenshot showing the protect this doc toggles.

Protecting Docs and pages is only available on our Business Plus and Enterprise Plans.

Settings and preferences

Learn more about the switches and options available under the hood.

Screenshot showing the doc settings menu.

Archive Docs

Done with a Doc, but not ready to delete it? Archive it instead!

Screenshot showing the archive doc button.

While archived Docs will be hidden automatically, they are still saved so you can find them at a later date.

Create Docs with /Slash Commands

Use /Slash Commands to create Docs by typing /Doc. Name your Doc and press enter to finalize.

Animation showing how to create a doc with slash commands.

Check Doc history

You can see the history of changes made to a Doc or restore previous versions. To check a Doc's history:

  1. Open a Doc.

  2. In the upper-right, click the ellipsis ... menu.

  3. Click History.

You can see a preview of what changes were made, who made them, and the time and date the changes were made.

Authors and contributors

Keep track of Doc ownership by adding authors and contributors:

  • Author: The person who created a Doc or anyone who has been added as an author.
  • Contributor: Someone who has either edited the Doc or been added as a contributor. Authors can not be added as contributors.

Add an author

People with edit or full permissions can add authors to a Doc.

To add an author:

  1. Open a Doc.
  2. At the top, click the author's avatar.
  3. Click Add new.
  4. Select the person you want to add as an author.

Add a contributor

People with edit or full permissions can add contributors to a Doc.

To add a contributor:

  1. Open a Doc.
  2. At the top, click Contributors.
  3. Click Add new.
  4. Select the person you want to add as a contributor. 

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