Filter tags in views

When the sheer volume of tasks gets out of hand, ClickUp's advanced filtering options help you drill down to see the information you need.

Apply filters in views to see tasks with at least one tag, specific tags, or without tags.

You can filter by tags in the following views:

  • List view

  • Board view

  • Calendar view

  • Gantt view

  • Timeline view

  • Team view

  • Table view

  • Mind Map view

  • Workload view

  • Activity view

  • Map view

Tip: Tags are unique to each Space, but tags with the same name will be treated as the same tag when filtering and viewing tasks from more than one Space.

Add a tag filter to a view

Display tasks in views by using a Tag filter.

  1. Click on the filter button

  2. Select Tags

    Screenshot of the steps to add a tag to a view
  3. Choose your preference to include or exclude tags

    • Is: displays tasks with selected tags added

    • Is not: displays tasks without the selected tags

    • Is set: displays tasks with one or more tags added

    • Is not set: displays tasks with no tags added

  4. If you select more than one tag, click any to set your filter preference:

    • Any: tasks with any one of the selected tags will be displayed

    • All: only tasks with all of the selected tags will be displayed

  5. Your view will update according to your filter!

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