Intro to List Info

List Info lets you give detailed context to your Lists. Add descriptions, due dates, comments, attachments, and more.

What you'll need

Add List Info

There are multiple ways to access List Info:

  • In List view, click the ellipsis ... icon next to the name of your List.
  • In your left Sidebar, click your List's ellipsis ... menu and select List Info.
  • If a List already has a List Info description or comments, you can access List Info in List view by clicking the description underneath the List's name.
    Screenshot of a List name and description in List view.

List Info details

You can add the following details to any List Info:

List Detail Description
Start date Add a start date to begin working on tasks in your List.
Due date Add a due date for the tasks in your List.
Description Add a description to specify high-level objectives for the List.
Time Estimated See the total of all task and subtask time estimates in the List.
Time Tracked See the total of all time tracked from tasks and subtasks in the List.
Attachments Upload files to keep important items attached to the List.
Priority Set a Priority level for your List.
Owner Indicate someone as the List owner. 
Watchers Add people as watchers in the comment section, and they'll receive notifications when any List Info changes are made.
Comments Discuss the List and its tasks with your team using comments.
Color Change the color of your List and add color labels.
Sharing & Permissions

Set List sharing and permissions settings.

Hide List Info descriptions

When you group by status in List view, the List Info description is visible by default. To hide List Info, hover over your List name and click Hide Description.

Customize List Info notifications

List watchers receive in-app notifications anytime updates happen to the List Info section. For example, if the List Priority changes, anyone watching the List will be notified.

To edit granular email, mobile, and browser notifications for List Info:

  1. Click your account avatar.
  2. Select Notifications.
  3. Find the List Info section.
  4. Select which email, mobile, and browser notifications you'd like to receive for Lists.

Screenshot of List Info notifications.


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