Intercom Integration

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Take your team's productivity to the next level by quickly linking and creating ClickUp tasks from the Intercom inbox. Observe task statuses and automatically link to Intercom conversations from your ClickUp tasks.

How to Install

  1. Go to the Intercom App Store 

  2. Install the ClickUp integration

  3. Open the Intercom Details sidebar in your inbox

  4. Select customize in the right sidebar

  5. Add ClickUp

  6. Follow the login instructions to Authorize and connect your Workspaces

What You Can Do

Linking an existing task 

Link one or multiple tasks to a conversation in Intercom to quickly jump into the task or track its progress.

  1. Search the task's name

  2. Select the task

  3. Your task is now linked!

Creating a new task

Save time by quickly creating new tasks in ClickUp without leaving your inbox! 

  1. Click Create new Task 

  2. Choose from a recent List or search for one

  3. Provide a task title and description

  4. Click Save 

Setting a Default List

Have a List you always add new tasks to? Use it as your default List for quicker access. 

  1. Click Settings 

  2. Select Set Default List 

  3. Choose from a recent List or search for a List

Viewing your linked task in ClickUp

When you create or link a ticket to a task it will automatically add a link back to the Intercom conversation in your ClickUp task, so you can quickly hop back into action.

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