Use swimlanes in Board view

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In Board view, tasks are organized into columns based on one shared field like due date or assignee.  You can use swimlanes to organize tasks into rows based on a second field.
For example, project managers can organize by status and priority to create a high-level overview of their team's most important tasks.

Swimlanes for Kanban boards can be organized by status columns and team rows. For engineering tasks, a roadmap can be created using timeline columns and squad rows.

What you'll need

  • This feature is available on every plan.

  • Everyone, including guests, can add swimlanes to a Board view.

    • Guests must have Can edit or Full permissions to add views.

Add a swimlane

You can create a Board view at any level of your Workspace. Choose whether you want to focus on a single List, an entire Folder, or even all Spaces across your Workspace using the Everything view.

In Board view, you'll see a dropdown menu with two sections:

  • Group by: Arrange columns by one field, like status or assignee.
  • Swimlanes: Arrange rows by any field that's not set for columns.
    Screenshot showing the Group by and Swimlanes options.
To access the menus and set up a swimlane:
    1. Open a Board view.
    2. From the right side of the Views Bar, open the Group by menu. 
    3. Select a group by option. 
    4. From the bottom of the menu, enable swimlanes.
    5. Select a swimlanes option. 

    6. Screenshot showing how to open the Group by menu and select a Swimlanes option.

You can try different combinations of fields to see your data in a new way. 

Rearrange columns and rows

Once you select both fields, you can rearrange your columns and rows to get a different perspective. The selected field will have a checkmark next to it. The field selected in one menu will be grayed out in the other menu.

To rearrange:

From either menu, click the grayed-out option. 
Screenshot showing how to click the grayed-out option to rearrange the columns and rows.

The columns and rows will swap. 

Create new tasks

You can quickly create a new task from a swimlane. The task ends up where you need it with fewer clicks!

To create a task from your swimlane: 

  1. Hover over an existing task to display the + New Task button.
    Screenshot showing how to create a new task from a swimlane.
  2. Click + New Task.
  3. Create the task.



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