Priorities and Time Estimates


Filtering in ClickUp is a great way to hide the tasks you don't need to see by adding one or more of the following filtering options in List View. 

This is the first step in drilling into what exactly we want to see. 

We recommend that you filter to only see tasks that have an active status for how you work. For example, the review status below isn't actionable to me, so I skipped it. We should also do this for certain Custom Fields, tags, assignees, due dates, and more.


The next piece of this is sorting by Priorities and Time Estimates in List View.

  1. First, ensure you've enabled the Priorities and Time Estimates ClickApp within the Space
    - Proceed to your Settings page and select ClickApps  from the left hand sidebar
    - Flip the Priority toggle and Time Estimates toggle in the "ClickApps" section to enable priorities

  2. Return to List View

  3. Click on the Priority column to sort your filtered list of tasks. (You’ll be given the option to “Sort this Group” to sort the tasks within a particular status group or “Sort by column” to sort every single task (within every status) by priority.

  4. Next, click on the Time Estimates column. You’ll need to select the same sorting option as you did in the previous step. You cannot both “Sort this Group” and “Sort by column” at the same time.

It is important to note that whichever sorting option you select first will be given priority in grouping for the subsequent sorting options you select. 

When you select the priority sorting option first, and then the time estimates sorting option second, your tasks will be grouped in order of Urgent, High, Normal, then Low priority indicated by the colored flags below. 

It will then display in order of which tasks take the least amount of time within each priority category.

Saving Filters

Once you have your optimal sorting in place, you'll want to save your filter to come back to it easily with one click.

We recommend saving a Workspace filter using a template to give your Workspace members easy access to the most important tasks in your workflow. 


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