Manage tasks in List view on mobile

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View, manage, and create tasks on the go using List view on mobile.


Changes made to a List view on mobile will instantly update the view on other devices.


What you'll need


Access List views

You can access List views from the left sidebar. To do so:

  1. Swipe right from the far left side of your screen or tap the Sidebar menu icon to reveal the Sidebar.

  2. Browse to a Space, Folder, or List in your Workspace.

  3. Tap the view icon displayed under the name of the location.

  4. Select List view.


Screenshot of the View menu


Browse, search, and open tasks in List view

You can view and open tasks in List view.


Browse tasks

Scroll through your List view to find tasks.


Tip: Rotate your device between portrait and landscape orientation to see more information on your screen!


Search for tasks

To search for tasks in List view on mobile:

  1. Tap the filter icon in the upper-right.

  2. Tap Search.

  3. Type in the name of the task you're looking for.


Screenshot of the search filter in List view on Mobile


Open tasks

Tap on a task to open it. To close the task and return to List view, tap the back icon in the upper-left corner.


Create tasks in List view

Scroll to the end of each group of tasks and tap + Add new Task to create a new task in the List. The task will automatically inherit the parameter you are grouping by.


For example, if you are grouping by status, you can create a new task by tapping the button at the end of the In Progress status group. The draft version of your new task will automatically inherit the status In Progress.


Drag and drop tasks in List view

Drag and drop tasks in List view to rearrange or edit them on the go. When dragging and dropping, a colorful line indicates where you are about to relocate the task.


Dragging a task to the right while underneath another task will turn it into a subtask. If you have the Nested Subtasks ClickApp enabled, you can use the same functionality to create nested subtasks. To create nested subtasks through drag and drop, you must first expand the subtask you want to nest your task under by clicking the caret icon to the left of it.


Dragging a task to a different group when grouping by status will immediately update its status. If sorting your List, dragging and dropping a task out of its sorted order prompts a warning message and sends the task back to its original location.


Change task statuses in List view

Change a task's status by tapping on the colored status icon directly to the left of your task in List view. Select a new status from the menu.

Screenshot of List view on mobile highlighting the option to change a task's status.

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