Recurring reminders

Create reminders that repeat on a schedule. You can create them for yourself or delegate them to other people.

What you'll need

Create a recurring reminder

As you're creating a new reminder, you can set it to recur on a schedule:

  1. Click the calendar icon.
  2. From the bottom of the Due date modal, click Set Recurring.
  3. Choose from the recurring schedule options. Preview your selection using the calendar to be sure it's set correctly.
  4. Click Save.

Recurring schedule options

You can choose from the following recurring options:

  • Daily: Recurs every day with the option to skip weekends.

    If you create a daily recurring reminder, it will not appear in your Home until the next morning.

  • Weekly: Recurs once a week on the day you choose.

  • Monthly: Recurs on the same day each month that you've chosen:

    • Same day each month: Recurs on the same day that you've chosen each month, such as the 18th.

    • Specific weekday: Recurs on a select weekday each month, such as the first Friday or third Wednesday.

    • First day of the month: Recurs on the 1st of each month.

    • Last day of the month: Recurs on the last calendar date of each month, such as July 31 or September 30.

  • Yearly: Recurs once a year on the day you choose.

  • Days after: Recurs a certain number of days after the reminder has been marked complete.

  • Custom: Indicate if the reminder should repeat every few days, on select days in the week, select weeks in the month, or select days of the year.

Recurrence length

Set your recurring reminder for the exact duration you need:

  • Recur forever: The recurrence will continue indefinitely.

  • Repeat: Set how many times this reminder will recur.

  • End on: Select a date for the reminder to stop recurring.

Natural language

You can set up recurring reminders using natural language.

Natural language examples:

  • Every Monday at 9 am

  • On Thursdays

  • Until September 23, 2024

  • For 3 weeks

To use natural language:

  • In the upper-right corner of the Due date modal, type your schedule.

Screenshot showing the natural language example 'every monday' in the Due date modal.

Use recurring reminders on mobile

You can create and manage your recurring reminders on the ClickUp mobile app.

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