Import Docs

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Bring your existing documents and content into ClickUp with our import options!

What you'll need

  • Any ClickUp Plan can import an unlimited number of Docs.

  • An HTML or markdown file to import.

  • Guests with Edit permissions can import content into ClickUp Docs.

  • An unprotected Doc or page to import into.

Export your documents from other apps

Most online applications will allow you to export content in HTML or markdown formats.

Learn how to export your content from the following popular services:

Want to bring your tasks over as well?

Import your tasks into ClickUp from a range of other platforms, or using a CSV file!

Supported file formats

You can import the following file formats:

  • HTML

  • HTML with Page Splitting

    This creates separate Pages for each <h1> tag in your HTML file.

  • Markdown

Import a file into ClickUp

  1. Access the Exports & Imports settings menu by either:

    • Opening the settings sidebar and clicking the Exports & Imports icon.

    • Clicking the Exports & Imports icon from the quick access sidebar.

  2. Select the file format.

  3. Browse for the file you wish to import.

Screenshot of the export and imports menu

Want to try it yourself? We have an example file if you'd like to test a Markdown import into a Doc!

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