Create a table

Easily create tables with a /Slash Command or paste data from a CSV file. 

What you'll need

Create a table

Insert tables into Docs, wikis, task and subtask descriptions, Chat view, text block Dashboard cards, and Notepad.

To create a table:

  • From the supported location, type /table or paste data from an Excel/CSV file. 

Adjust column size

Hover at the top right of any column and drag the arrow.
Screenshot of the arrow you can use to adjust the column size.

Reorder a column or row

  1. Click into the row or column to display the drag handles.
  2. Click and drag the column or row to its new position.
    Screenshot of the drag handle.

Open the option menu

Hover over the top of a column or the left side of a row and select from the following options:

  • Add 1 row or column on the right or left
  • Merge Cells
  • Background Color
  • Delete

Add rich text formatting

To add rich text formatting:

Select text and choose options from the text toolbar. 

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