Change your account time and date format

Set your preferred date and time formats for your Workspace. These changes are made at the account level and will not affect the time and date settings of other users in your Workspace.

Change time and date settings

To update your Workspace time and date settings:
  1. Click your account avatar then select Settings
  2. In the Language & Region settings section, where you'll see the following settings:
    • Timezone: Set the timezone for your account.

      By default, ClickUp will prompt you to update your timezone if we detect that your device has moved to a different one from your default setting. You can disable it anytime by unchecking Notify me of timezone changes.

    • Start of the calendar week: Adjust all calendars in your Workspace to use a specified day as the start of the week. 
    • Time Format: Change the time format for your Workspace.
    • Date Format: Set your preferred date formatting for your Workspace.
      • If a task's start date or due date is in the current year, the month and day display not the year. 
Screenshot showing the time format settings.


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