Add a Timeline view

Timeline view is a linear way to visualize and schedule your tasks.

Screenshot of Timeline view.

What you'll need

  • 60 uses of Timeline view are included on the Free Forever Plan

  • 100 uses of Timeline view are included on the Unlimited Plan.
  • Unlimited uses of Timeline view are included on the Business Plan and above. 
  • Everyone, including guests, can create Timeline views.

Add a Timeline view

To add a Timeline view:

  1. Open the Workspace location where you want to add the view.

  2. Open the Views modal.

    • In ClickUp 2.0 from your Views Bar, you'll click + View.
    • In ClickUp 3.0 from your Views Bar, you'll click + Add.
  3. Select Timeline.

    • Optional: You can enter a name for the view here by choosing Enter name at the top of your screen.

  4. To prevent others from accessing the view, check the Private view box.

  5. To keep the view in your Views Bar, check the Pin view box.

  6. Click Add View.

Note: To add new tasks to the Timeline, click anywhere on the Timeline or drop existing tasks onto the Timeline from the sidebar. Drag from each end of the task to expand or shrink their duration, as needed.

Use Timeline view

You can customize Timeline view to display the information most important to you by using the following options located at the top of the view.

Tasks on Timeline view are sorted in chronological order. This means that tasks that have an earlier start date will appear closer to the top. Next, tasks will be sorted based on duration. 

Tasks with identical start and due dates will be sorted in alphabetical order.

See Days, Weeks, or Months

By default, Timeline is in days. To change this, select the Day dropdown menu and select a different option.

Note: You can also zoom in or out of the Timeline by clicking the - or + buttons.

Me Mode and People sidebar

Turning on Me Mode by clicking Me will display only tasks assigned to you while the People sidebar allows you to see the assigned tasks of anyone in the Workspace or many different users at once.

Group by menu

You can use the Group by menu to choose how your tasks are organized in your view.

  • Group by assignee to see tasks per person and how booked a person is each day.

  • Group by priority to see tasks overlapping and quickly easily slide things around.

Tip: When grouping by assignees, quickly jump to the unscheduled or overdue tasks for any person by clicking on the corresponding buttons below their name.


Customize your Timeline view further by clicking the Show button. There, you'll be given the following options:

  • Color tasks by: Show tasks in the color of their List, status, or the color of their value for a dropdown Custom Field.

  • Send notifications: Enable or disable notifications based on changes to the Timeline.

  • Expand task names: Show the full task names or compress them based on the length of the task on the Timeline.

  • Show future recurring tasks: Show future recurring tasks on the Timeline.

  • Hide weekends: Hide weekends from the view.

  • Subtasks: Hides or show subtasks on the Timeline.

  • Closed tasks: Hide or show closed tasks.

  • Location: Show the hierarchy location of each task

  • Parent name: Hide or show parent task names.

  • Assignees: Hide or show the task's assignee.

  • Tasks in Multiple Lists: Hide or show tasks that appear in multiple Lists.

Unscheduled and overdue sidebar

To the right, the unscheduled and overdue tasks sidebar shows overdue tasks, assigned tasks that haven't been scheduled, and private tasks.

Screenshot of the unscheduled and overdue sidebar in Timeline view.

When collapsed, the sidebar shows the total tasks of each type. You can reschedule them by dragging and dropping them onto the Timeline view.


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