Set start and due dates

Hold yourself (or your team members) accountable by choosing when a task should start and be completed - down to the minute!

Setting a start and due date is a clear way to note a task's duration, and will also schedule the task on Calendar view, as well as make it appear in your Home and Inbox!

Showing a task's start and due time in the Inbox

Setting start and end times for tasks is simple!

You can do so anywhere that task dates can be set.

There you can set the day a task is starting, and use the dropdown menus or natural language processing, you can choose the time of day it's starting!

For example, you can type “Friday at 3pm” for a task's start or due date/time.

Remove a Start or Due time

Cancelling a due time with the x icon

With personal notification settings, you can choose to be alerted anywhere from 5 mins to 3 days before a task begins!

If you prefer using a 24 hour time format, you can make that change in My Settings.

Changing a profiles time settings


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