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We make it easy to connect ClickUp with Harvest so you can manage time spent on your projects!
With Harvest, you have the opportunity to sync time automatically with your ClickUp tasks.
As you add time to tasks in ClickUp, your Harvest time tracking sheet will be updated with each entry containing the task title and task ID.


Note: On the desktop app, you will need to use your email and password associated with your Harvest account, rather than using the sign-in with Google option. In the web app, you can log in with either your Google account or Harvest account.

Turn on Time Tracking

To get started, a Workspace admin will need to turn on the Time Tracking ClickApp for the Spaces where the Harvest integration will be used.

The ClickApp page is found on the avatar menu in the bottom left of ClickUp.

Time Tracking ClickApp.

Enable Harvest

Each user who wants to set up the integration will click Settings on their avatar menu and then click Time Tracking

Click on Harvest and then turn on the toggle switch to enable the integration

Click on the Harvest Icon and make sure to toggle on the Enable Harvest option.

Keep the checkbox marked if you would like the associated task id and name with time tracked entries in Harvest.

Click the Sync Harvest button and allow the authorization that appears.

Track Time

  1. Open a task and click on the Harvest button.

Click on the Harvest icon in between Time Tracked and Time Estimate.

2. Choose your Harvest project and task to link to the ClickUp task

Choose a project in Harvest.

3. Start timer to track time!

To stop tracking time, simply return to the task and click the Harvest button again.

From the Harvest icon on a task, you can also manually enter tracked time.

Manually edit your time in Harvest.

See your time in Harvest

As you add time to tasks in ClickUp, your Harvest timesheet will be updated with each entry. You can revisit the settings page to turn the task id and name setting on or off.


Note: Only time tracked after the integration is enabled will be synced. Time tracked in previous ClickUp sessions will not be visible in Harvest. Depending on API rate limits, time entries may take between 1 minute and 1 hour to sync.


More Resources

Be sure to check out full time tracking options in our Time Tracking documentation.

Check out how you can use Harvest time tracking with our Dashboard Time Tracking widgets.

Need to troubleshoot with a Harvest representative? Contact them here.

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