Calendar integrations FAQ

Frequently asked questions about ClickUp's calendar integrations.

Google Calendar

Below are some frequently asked questions about the Google Calendar integration.

When I remove a Google Calendar sync from my ClickUp Workspace, will the tasks be removed from my Google Calendar?

Tasks synced from ClickUp will not be removed from your Google Calendar when you delete the sync. You'll need to manually remove any unneeded tasks from your Google Calendar.

When removing your Google account, it will be removed from the entire Workspace for security reasons. This will impact sending emails from ClickUp, integrating your Google Calendar, and uploading attachments from Google Drive. You'll need to re-add your Google account to continue using these features.

Why am I seeing duplicated events in my Google Calendar?

If you sync tasks with your Google Calendar, disconnect your Google account from ClickUp, then sync tasks with your Google Calendar again, the old events are not automatically removed by Google. These events can only be removed manually.

If another Workspace member syncs our ClickUp Calendar with our Workspace's Google Calendar, will that Google Calendar sync appear within my personal calendar settings?

No, that sync will not appear within your personal calendar settings. If some of your tasks are syncing to your Workspace’s Google Calendar and you don't know why, we recommend consulting with your Workspace members to find who initiated the sync.

Will events I add in Google Calendar be added to ClickUp?

Yes. Events on your Google Calendar will be displayed on your ClickUp Calendar view. Any updates you make in either calendar will be reflected in both.

Will tasks created in ClickUp block my Google Calendar schedule?

Yes. Tasks will be created as busy events in Google Calendars, so you will likely want to sync to a separate Google Calendar. 

I don't use Google Calendar. Do you have an Outlook integration?

We do! ClickUp offers calendar feeds that let you send scheduled tasks directly to your favorite calendar app – Apple Calendar, Outlook, or any calendar that allows you to subscribe with a URL feed. This is a one-way sync.

Why are my events marked as busy in Google Calendar?

This is a setting you can update in your Google Calendar

Outlook, Apple, mobile, and more

Below are some frequently asked questions about ClickUp calendar syncing with Outlook, Apple, and more.

Do changes made in my calendar sync back to ClickUp?

This is a one-way sync. Changes made in ClickUp will be reflected in your external calendar app, but changes in your calendar app won’t sync back.

Can I connect to multiple calendars?

Yes! Just click the Connect button again to start up a new calendar feed.

Can I connect multiple Spaces, Folders, and Lists to my calendar?

You can set different Spaces, Folders, and Lists to sync with one or multiple external calendars. Click the Connect button again to start up a new calendar feed.

How do I remove the tasks added to my calendar?

There is no way for us to remove the tasks that have been created by ClickUp once they are synchronized. You will need to remove them from your calendar.

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