Manage Docs using the Bulk Action Toolbar

The Bulk Action Toolbar allows you to select multiple Docs to set tags, move, duplicate, archive, and delete.

What you'll need

Use the Bulk Action Toolbar

The Bulk Action Toolbar is available from Docs Home.

  1. From Docs Home, hover to the left of a Doc and click the selector button.

  2. Select the Docs you want to update.

  3. Select the option on the Bulk Action Toolbar.

    • Set Tags on Docs: Applies one or more Doc Tags to your selected Docs.

    • Move Docs: Adds your selected Docs to a task, a Doc View, or the Sidebar.

    • Duplicate Docs: Creates a copy of your selected Docs. The duplicated Docs will have (Copy) added to their title.

    • Archive Docs: Archives the selected Docs removing them from view. Archived Docs can be restored.

    • Delete Docs: Deletes the selected Docs. Deleted Docs are available in Trash for 30 days before being permanently deleted.

  4. Your Docs will be updated right away!



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