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Once you've enabled the Sprints ClickApp, you can start creating Sprint Folders and Sprints!

Sprints are Lists with additional features included to help you manage your Sprint and get work done. All Sprints must live within a Sprint Folder.

Tip: Sprints that run simultaneously must be created in separate Sprint Folders. We highly suggest you create separate Sprint Folders for teams that need their own reporting metrics or Dashboards.

Create a new Sprint Folder

Create a Sprint Folder to contain each individual Sprints.

  1. Click the + button on a Space in the Sidebar

  2. Select New Sprint Folder

  3. The Folder Sprint settings are populated with your default Sprint settings

  4. Customize the Sprint Folder settings as needed
    Note: The Sprint Name must include {Index} and cannot be edited after creating a Sprint Folder.

  5. Enable any Sprint Automations

  6. Click Save Settings

Create a Sprint

Once you have created a Sprint Folder, you can add Sprints.

  1. Click the ellipsis ... to open the Sprint Folder settings menu

  2. Select Sprints

  3. Click New Sprint to open the Create Sprint modal

  4. Set the Sprint index number to start from

  5. Set the index value to set the number of the first Sprint

  6. Select the first Sprint start and end dates which are based on Sprint duration

  7. Enter the number of Sprints to create (up to 50)
    Note: When you create Sprints in bulk, future Sprints will be added sequentially.

  8. Click Create Sprints

  9. Sprint Lists will be created in the Sprint Folder

Screenshot of the create sprint modal

Customize Sprint settings per Folder

You can customize your Sprint settings on each Sprint Folder to adapt the setup for different teams or projects.

Any Workspace member who has access to the Space can edit Folder level Sprint settings.

  1. Click the ellipsis ... next to the Sprint Folder that you want to customize

  2. Select Sprints then Sprint Settings to open the Sprint Setting modal

  3. Use the default Sprint settings or customize the options for this individual Sprint Folder

  4. Sprint duration and Sprint start day are both permanent

  5. Click Save Settings

Screenshot of the menu option to edit Sprint settings

Tip: Business Plan and above users can also enable and customize Sprint Automations in Sprint Settings.

Update Sprint cadence

Once you save the Sprint cadence at the Folder level, you cannot change it without creating a new Sprint Folder.

You can move Sprints between Sprint Folders.

  1. Create a new Sprint Folder with new settings

  2. Move an existing Sprint List to the new Folder

  3. You'll be prompted to map the Sprint to new dates

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