Who's Behind cards

The Who's Behind Dashboard card is a table card available in our Dashboards feature. The card allows you to see who's behind on Inbox notifications and overdue tasks anywhere in your Workspace. 

What you'll need

  • Who's Behind cards are available on the Unlimited Plan and above
  • The Dashboards ClickApp is enabled in every new Workspace by default. A Workspace owner or admin can disable the ClickApp.
  • Guests can be invited to specific Dashboards with view-only permissions.

Create or edit a Who's Behind card

The Who's Behind card has three columns:

  • People: Includes the task assignees you choose.
  • Inbox unread notifications: Includes unread Inbox notifications from throughout the Workspace. 
  • Total overdue tasks: Includes tasks with a Due Date that's in the past. If you've also chosen to include people with no overdue tasks, this number will be zero. 
    A Whos Behind Card showing three assignees with either unread Inbox notifications or overdue tasks.

To create a Who's Behind card:

Create a new or open an existing Dashboard.

  • From a new Dashboard, click + Add card. From the Add card modal, select Tables, then Who's Behind. Configure your card settings.
  • From the upper-left corner of an existing Dashboard, enable Edit mode. Then hover over the upper-right corner of the Dashboard and click the Settings icon. From the Edit card modal, edit your card settings.

Configure or edit the following settings:

  • Name: You can name your card or rename it later. 
  • People to include: These are task assignees. You can choose Everyone in the workspace. Or, you can click Everyone in the Workspace to open the dropdown. Then click one or more avatars to include specific assignees.
  • Tasks from: Choose one or more locations. 
  • Task filter: Select filter criteria like Created by or Due date. Read our article Use Dashboard card filters to learn more.

    The Who's Behind card currently supports card filters. It does not support Dashboard filters.

  • Include archived: Include archived tasks.
  • Include Tasks in Multiple Lists: Enabled by default. The Tasks in Multiple Lists ClickApp must be enabled and used in the chosen locations. 
  • Include Subtasks in Multiple Lists: Enabled by default. The Subtasks in Multiple Lists ClickApp must be enabled and used in the chosen locations. 
  • Include caught up users: Select if you want to include people with no overdue tasks. If a person has no overdue tasks but they do have Inbox unread notifications, they will be included.
  • Click Add card to create or update the Who's Behind card. 

Who's Behind card options

Once your card is created, you can hover over it to reveal several options in the upper-right corner. Your Dashboard must be in Edit mode to see all options. Enable Edit mode in the upper-left corner of the Dashboard.

Options include:

Card setting Description


The time since the last refresh displays. Hover over the label to display the exact refresh date and time.

Refresh card

Refresh the card's data immediately.

View in full screen

View the card in full screen.
Filters Use card filters to filter the tasks shown on your card.
Settings Open to edit the card settings.
Ellipsis ... menu

Click to display the following options:

  • Duplicate: Create a duplicate chart on the same Dashboard.
  • Delete card

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