Set Time Estimates per assignee

When a task is big enough to need more than one assignee, you can set a different Time Estimate for each individual person.

What you'll need

  • Time Estimates are available on all ClickUp Plans.

  • Setting Time Estimates per assignee is available on the Business, Business Plus, and Enterprise Plans.

  • A Workspace owner or admin will need to enable the Multiple Assignees ClickApp.

  • Individual guests can use Time Estimates if a Workspace owner or admin has given them permission.

Enable Time Estimates per Assignee

Once Multiple Assignees is enabled, any existing Time Estimates on tasks with more than one assignee will be split evenly between the total number of assignees.

When you disable the Multiple Assignees ClickApp, any existing Time Estimates split per assignee will be added together as one total estimate for the task.

To enable Time Estimates per Assignee:

  1. Click your Workspace avatar.

  2. Select ClickApps.

  3. Browse or search for the Time Estimates ClickApp.

  4. Click the checkbox to enable Estimates per Assignee.

  5. Click Confirm. Your tasks will be updated instantly!

Screenshot of the Time Estimate ClickApp highlighting the Estimates per Assignee option,

View Time Estimates per Assignee

When viewing Time Estimates, we'll show the total estimated time on tasks, views, and Dashboard cards.

Click on the Time Estimates field to see the total Time Estimate for the task and the assignee breakdown.

Screenshot of a Time Estimate with multiple assignees in List view.

Set Time Estimates per Assignee

When setting Time Estimates, you can either add them to the task or individual assignees. Adding Time Estimates to a task splits that estimate evenly between each assignee.

You can add Time Estimates per Assignee from a task, or from List, Table, Gantt, or Team views.

  1. Click on the hourglass icon on a task.

  2. Enter an amount of time for the task or each individual assignee using natural language, for example:

    • 1 hour

    • 1h

    • 30 mins

  3. Press Enter. Your time estimate will be added to the task!

Animation of a task Time Estimate being split evenly amongst assignees.

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