Customize Time Estimates

Change how many hours should be shown as a day for Time Estimates throughout your Workspace. You can also display time estimates in hours rather than days, weeks, and months.

These options make sure your Time Estimates are represented accurately!

What you'll need

  • Time Estimates are available on all ClickUp Plans.

  • Time Estimates per assignee is available on the Business plan and above.

  • Individual guests can use Time Estimates if a Workspace owner or admin has given them permission.

Customize Time Estimate settings

Workspace owners and admins can customize Time Estimate settings for your Workspace.

Time Estimates can be enabled and disabled for individual Spaces. These settings apply to your entire Workspace. You can also enable Time Estimates per Assignee.

Changing the hours per day for Time Estimates only updates how Time Estimates are shown on tasks and views in your Workspace.

Workload view uses a separate field to set the available hours per week or per day. This allows you to set and manage different capacities for individual Lists, Folders, and Spaces in your Workspace.

To customize Time Estimate settings:

  1. Click your Workspace avatar.

  2. Select ClickApps.

  3. Browse or search for the Time Estimates ClickApp.

  4. Customize your Time Estimates options:

    • Enter the number of hours per day.

    • Click the checkbox to enable showing Time Estimates in hours.

Default Time Estimates format

By default Time Estimates are displayed as of months, weeks, days, and hours based on the number of hours per day.

For example, using the default of 8 hours per day:



Shown as

Less than 8 hours

Hours and minutes

7h 30m

8 hours - 56 hours



56 hours - 112 hours

Weeks and days

1w 2d

224 hours



240 hours



Display Time Estimates in hours

You can display Time Estimates throughout your Workspace using hours rather than months, weeks, and days.

Screenshot of a task highlighting the time estimate field.

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