Minimize Docs to the Tray

Put Docs you're actively working on in your personal Tray, right next to your minimized tasks!

Use your Tray to keep Docs and tasks handy when you search your Workspace for information or have conversations with your team.

What you'll need

Docs and wikis

A wiki is a Doc that's prioritized as the source of truth. Unless specified, anything that applies to Docs also applies to wikis.

Learn more from our article Create a wiki.

Minimize Docs to the Tray

The Tray is in the lower-right corner and the Quick Action menu is in the upper-right corner of the toolbar

You can add any Doc to your personal Tray by:

  1. Opening a Doc.

  2. Clicking the Tray Doc icon in the top-right corner.

Open Docs from Tray

You can open tasks and Docs from your Tray by clicking on them.

Remove Docs from Tray

You can remove Docs from your Tray by either:

  • Hovering over a Doc in the Tray and clicking the X to remove it.

  • Opening a Doc, hovering over the Tray Doc icon, and clicking on the red x to remove it.

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