Goals cards

Goals cards are a type of Priority card that allow you to see and edit Goals and their Targets alongside other team metrics on your Dashboards.

You can create new Targets from the Goals card. To create a new Goal, visit the Goals page.

What you'll need

  • Goals cards are available on all ClickUp plans.

  • Guests can see individual Goals they've been invited to view or edit.

Create a Goals card

To add a Goals card to a new or existing Dashboard:

  1. Open Dashboards Hub.

  2. Select a Dashboard or in the upper-right corner, click New Dashboard.
  3. Click + Add card.

  4. From the left sidebar, click Priorities.

  5. Select the Goals card.

  6. Choose your preferences:

    • Name your card.

    • Select the Goals or Goal Folders you want to include.

    • Choose what to Sort by: Name, Last Updated, Due date, Start date, or Progress.

    • Select which People to display.

    • Show or hide Completed items.

    • Show or hide Archived items.

  7. Click Add card to add it to your Dashboard.

  8. You'll be able to see your Goal's progress percentage, total number of Targets, Goal owner, and when the last update was made.

You can update your preferences at any time by clicking the Settings icon.

Members and guests who don't have access to the Goals displayed in your card will see a blank card.

GIF demonstrating how to create a Goals card.


Add and update Targets

To create and update Targets in the Goals card:

  1. Click a Goal to open the Goal details.

  2. View the details of the Goal.

  3. Make any edits you need.

Card options

Once your card is created, you can hover over it to reveal several options in the upper-right corner.

Your Dashboard must be in Edit mode to see all options.

Options include:

Card option Description
Refresh card Refresh the card's data immediately.
Settings Open the card settings to make changes.
Filters Filter the tasks shown on your card.
Elipsis ... menu Duplicate or delete the card.


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