Intro to Activity view

Add an Activity view to get an aggregated view of all activity across that location. Alternatively, you can click into individual Profiles to view what each user has been up to.

You can add an Activity view card to your Dashboard to monitor activity on a project, comments, or status changes to know how different areas are progressing.

What you'll need

  • Activity view is available on every plan.
    • Workspaces on the Free Forever Plan can access 24 hours of activity.
    • Workspaces on the Unlimited Plan can access 7 days of activity.
    • Workspaces on our Business Plan and above can access unlimited activity history.
  • Everyone, including guests, can use Activity view.
    • Guests with edit or full permissions can create new Activity views.

Add an Activity view

To add an Activity view:

  1. Click + Add in the Views bar to open the Views modal.
  2. Optional: You can check the Private view box if you don't want anyone else to access this view or the Pin view box if you want the view to always display in your Views Bar.
  3. Select Activity
  4. Once the view has been created you can give the view a name and customize it using the Customize menu on the right. 


Search activities

Use the search bar in the upper-right corner to search for specific activities. 

Filter activities

Click Filters in the upper-left to filter for specific activities. 

Show and hide subtasks

By default, subtasks are shown in your Activity view.

To hide subtasks:

  1. Click Customize in the upper-right corner.
  2. Enable or disable the Subtasks toggle.

Enable Me Mode

Only show activities on tasks that are assigned to you.

To enable Me Mode:

  1. Click Me Mode.

Select activities

You can individually choose which activities you see in Activity view. To select activities: 

  1. Click Customize
  2. Select Activities.

Available activities differ depending on the ClickApps you have enabled.

The following activities can be shown or hidden:

Activity Description
Added or removed from List See when a task is added or removed from a List.
Assigned comments See when a comment is assigned to someone.
Assignee See when an assignee is added to a task.
Attachments See when an attachment is added to a task.
Checklists See when a checklist is added to a task.
Comments See when a comment is made on a task.
Content See when you embed content into a task.
Custom Fields See when a Custom Field is added or edited on a task.
Dependencies See when Dependencies are added to a task.
Due date See when a due date is added to a task.
Email See when an email is sent from a task using the Email ClickApp.
Git items See when new GitHub activity occurs on a task.
HubSpot See when new HubSpot activity occurs on a task.
List moved See when a List is moved to another Folder or Space.
Merged See when a task is merged.
Name See when a task name is changed.
New subtask See when a new subtask is created.
Priority See when a task Priority is changed.
Reactions See when reactions to comments.
Recurring See when a task is set to recur.
Sharing settings See when sharing settings are changed.
Sprint points See when Sprint Points are added or edited on a task.
Start date See when a start date is added to a task.
Status See when a task status changes.
Tags See when a tag is added to a task.
Task creation See when a task is created.
Template merged See when a task template is merged.
Time estimate See when a time estimate is added or edited on a task.
Time tracked See when a time tracking amount is added or edited on a task.
Watcher See when a watcher is added or removed from a task.
Zoom See when a Zoom meeting is started from a task.

Edit Activity view settings

Customize your view to improve efficiency and only see the information you need.

To edit Activity view settings:

  1. From Activity view, open View Settings.
  2. Click Customize in the upper-right corner.
  3. Select More settings.
  4. Choose from the following settings:
    • Add to favorites: Add this view to your Favorites.
    • Autosave view: Automatically save any layout changes you make to this view. Everyone in the Workspace will see these changes.
    • Pin: Pin this view.
    • Protect view: Lock this view to prevent accidental changes. Protect view is available on the Business Plan and above.
    • Private view: Make this view only visible to you. Private view is available on the Business Plan and above.
    • Default for everyone: Make this the default view for everyone.
    • Default to Me Mode: Only show tasks assigned to the person viewing this task.
    • Reset view to defaults: Clear all filters and view specifications.

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