Duplicate a task

Duplicating a task is simple in ClickUp.


How do I do it?

  1. Open the task you would like to copy

  2. Click the ellipses ...  in the header to view task actions

  3. Select the Duplicate button


This reveals options for how you want to duplicate the task.  

This can also be done by right-clicking tasks in your List, Board and Calendar Views!


From there, you will add a task name and choose what you want to copy!


After that, your new task is ready for action.


Next, see how to copy a Space, Folder, or List!

Making changes to the duplicate task will not change the original task in any way. 

How to duplicate multiple tasks at once

To copy multiple tasks at once, use the Bulk Action Toolbar and customize exactly what content you want copied over!


This works great, for example, if a client wants to copy visual assets in bulk to create different task IDs.


Or, if you have some tasks that are part of a project that needs to be changed slightly, but it doesn't happen often enough to warrant a template, simply copy what you need.





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