Toggl integration

Use Toggl to track time on ClickUp, or to sync time tracked with Toggl into ClickUp. This is a one-way sync, so any time tracked with ClickUp's native time tracking will not be added to your Toggl account.

What you'll need

  • Toggl time tracking is available on every plan.
  • Everyone, including guests with Edit or Full permissions, can use Toggl to track time.
  • Toggl time tracking in ClickUp is only available on Google Chrome.

Enable Toggl time tracking

There are three steps to setting up Toggl:

Step 1: Enable the Time Tracking ClickApp

Before you start tracking time, a Workspace owner or admin must enable the ClickApp:

  1. Click your profile avatar in the lower-left corner.
  2. Select ClickApps.
  3. Find and enable the Time Tracking ClickApp for the Spaces where you want to track time.

Step 2: Download the Toggl Chrome extension

Download the Toggl Track: Productivity & Time Tracker Chrome extension:

  1. Open the Chrome Web Store or click here.
  2. Search for Toggl Track.
  3. Select the Toggl Track Chrome extension.
  4. Click Add to Chrome.

Step 3: Grant access

Give the Toggl Chrome extension access to ClickUp:

  1. Click the Toggl Track icon in Chrome.
  2. In the upper-right corner of the extension, click the gear icon.
  3. Select Integrations on the left sidebar.
  4. Use the Filter integrations search bar to search for
  5. Check the box next to
  6. Click Allow.

Track time with Toggl

Once you've given the Toggl Chrome extension access, you can start tracking time in ClickUp by clicking the Toggl icon on a task. Click the Toggl icon again to stop tracking.

Tip: You can link your time tracked in Toggl with ClickUp tasks by adding task IDs to your Toggl time log descriptions.


Showing the Toggl button inside of ClickUp's task view.

Sync time tracked with Toggl to ClickUp

For Toggl to sync tracked time with the appropriate person in ClickUp, each user must set up the integration with their Toggl API key.

If you sync tracked time from Toggl to ClickUp tasks, you will not be able to delete or modify the old tracked time. If you want to be able to change past tracked time, we recommend using ClickUp's native time tracking.

To start a one-way sync with ClickUp:

  1. Go to your Toggl Track profile:
  2. Scroll down to the API Token field and click to reveal the token.
  3. Copy the token.
  4. In ClickUp, click your profile avatar in the lower-left corner.
  5. Select Settings.
  6. In the left sidebar, click Integrations.
  7. Select Time Tracking, then Toggl.
  8. Paste your Toggl API token.
  9. Click Sync Toggl.

After the one-way sync is complete, time tracked with Toggl will appear in your tasks' time tracked field and will have a red Toggl icon next to it.

Screenshot of the Toggl time entries in ClickUp.


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