Timely Time Tracking

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Getting Started

  1. Create a free Timely account (Free Trial)

  2. Connect the Memory Tracker app from Timely’s Hours view to start tracking time in ClickUp

  3. Turn on automatic tracking and get back to your work! 

You won't need to jump between apps to start and stop timers, either. Timely will automatically track time as you work in ClickUp!

Note: ClickUp's integration is a one-way sync with Timely. This means times tracked in ClickUp will be shown in Timely, but data from Timely will not be sent into ClickUp.

What you'll see in Timely

Active time you spend in ClickUp will automatically appear in Timely:

From there, you can:

  • Click on an entry to automatically add it to your timesheet

  • Analyze your team's activity in ClickUp with Timely's pre-prepared dashboards

Check out this page to learn more about ClickUp's Timely integration!

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