Timeneye integration

Use Timeneye to track time on your ClickUp tasks.

What you'll need

Enable the Timeneye integration

ClickUp admins or owners can set up the Timeneye integration.

To set up the integration from the App Center:

  1. In the sidebar, click Time Tracking.
  2. Select Timeneye.
  3. Click Install.
  4. After being redirected, click Try with my ClickUp.
  5. A Timeneye admin must connect your ClickUp Workspace to Timeneye from the Integrations section of their Timeneye account. Read this Timeneye article for more details.
  6. Import and link your ClickUp Projects and users. Read this Timeneye article for more details.
  7. Download the Timeneye widget:

You will now see a Timeneye symbol displayed on your ClickUp tasks.

Track time on tasks

To track time in Timeneye on ClickUp tasks:

  1. Open and task.
  2. Click the clock icon to open a Timeneye Register Time box.
  3. Take one of the following actions:
    • Add time manually.
    • Start or stop a timer.
    • Choose from the ClickUp Projects you linked to Timeneye.
  4. Time tracked is reflected in your task description section.

When you return to Timeneye, you can recognize time tracked in ClickUp by the task title and ClickUp icon. 

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