Timeneye Time Tracking

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Getting Started

  1. Create a Timeneye account

  2. Connect your ClickUp account to Timeneye. Admins can do this from the Integrations section of their Timeneye account.

  3. Import and link your ClickUp Projects and users.

For more details on steps 2-3, please see this doc from Timeneye!

Tracking Time in your ClickUp Tasks

First, you'll need to download the Timeneye Browser Widget:

You will then see a Timeneye symbol automatically displayed on your ClickUp tasks!

Timeneye symbol visible from ClickUp's List view.

Clicking on the clock will open a Timeneye Register Time box:

The timeneye menu from the Timeneye Chrome Extension.

Here, you can add time manually, or start/stop a timer. You'll also be able to select from the ClickUp Projects you linked to Timeneye earlier.

Inside a ClickUp Task

Time tracked in the box will be reflected in your task description section once you open it up!

Showing how the Timeneye time tracking shows in the ClickUp task.

The Timeneye Dashboard

When you return to Timeneye, you can recognize time tracked in ClickUp by the task title and ClickUp icon as shown below:

Showing how time tracked displays in the Timeneye dashboard.

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