Outlook integration

The Outlook integration can be used to easily create tasks from emails, and attach email responses to tasks.

You can also connect your email to ClickUp so you can send and receive email communications within a task thread!

What you'll need

This integration will not work with shared inboxes. 


The following versions of Outlook are compatible with the ClickUp add-in:

  • Microsoft 365: web and desktop

    Microsoft has limited add-ins in Microsoft 365 to only work with Outlook.com and Microsoft Exchange email servers. If you are using a POP3 or IMAP server, you will be unable to use any add-ins.

  • Outlook.com: web and desktop

  • Live.com: web and desktop

  • Hotmail.com: web and desktop

  • Outlook for Windows 2013+

  • Outlook for Mac 2014+

The following versions of Outlook are not compatible with the ClickUp add-in:

  • Outlook Desktop older than 2013. This includes Outlook 2010 and Outlook for Mac 2011.

  • Microsoft Exchange Servers older than 2013. This includes Exchange 2010 and Exchange 2007.

Check out these support articles from Microsoft that will help you identify which version you are using:

Install the ClickUp add-in

Install the add-in here. If your version of Outlook requires a URL, enter: https://outlook.clickup.com/production/manifest-prod.xml.

You can also manually install the add-in:

  1. Open an email in the Outlook app.

  2. Select Store or Get Add-Ins from the top bar.

    Web users can find the Get Add-Ins option in the ellipsis ... menu next to the Reply and Forward buttons.

  3. Search for ClickUp for Outlook in the Add-In Store.

  4. Click Add. By clicking Add, you agree to the add-in’s license terms and privacy policy.

Open the ClickUp add-in

After installing the add-in, you can complete the set up by logging into your ClickUp account:

  1. Open an email in the Outlook app.

  2. In the upper-right corner, click the Apps icon.
    Screenshot of the apps icon in an email received in Outlook.png
  3. Select ClickUp.
  4. Log in to your ClickUp account.

  5. Select the Workspaces that should have access and click Connect Workspaces.

The permissions requested by ClickUp are tailored to the specific organization you are in. During the authorization process, a popup lists all specific permissions requested. 

Switch or add Workspaces

To see your connected Workspaces, click your avatar in the upper-left corner of the add-in.

To add a new Workspace to the add-in, click the plus icon next to Workspaces.

Screenshot of someone adding a new Workspace to the ClickUp add-in.png

Create new tasks

To create a new task from the ClickUp add-in:

  1. Open the add-in from an email in Outlook.

  2. In the upper-right corner, select the New Task tab.

  3. Customize your task:

    • Name your task.

    • Select a List location. You can also set a default List for all new tasks to be added to.

    • Add assignees.

    • Add a task description.

    • Add a due date.
  4. In the lower-right corner, click Create New Task.

Attach emails to tasks

To attach an email to an existing task or create a new task from it:

  1. Open the add-in from an email in Outlook.

  2. To attach the email to an existing task, select Attach to task. To create a new task and attach the email to it, click + New task.

Screenshot highlighting the attach to task and new task options from the add-in.png

Troubleshoot the integration

Try the following common troubleshooting steps if you're having issues with the Outlook integration: 

  • If you're unable to connect your ClickUp account to the integration, select the Use token option as an alternative:
    1. Select Use token in the add-in.

      If you don't see this option, remove and reinstall the add-in.

    2. In ClickUp, click your Workspace avatar.

    3. Select Apps.

    4. Click Generate under API Token.

    5. Click Copy.

    6. Go back to the add-in and paste your token to connect the two accounts. 

  • Make sure that the subscription link you're using is the correct once. Each time that you select Connect, a new subscription URL is generated. You must be using the most recently generated subscription. 
  • If you're unable to install add-ins entirely, you'll need to work with your IT team. 
  • If you're experiencing a blank screen, follow the following steps to resolve it: 
    1. Log in with the Use token option. If the option isn't available, remove and reinstall the integration.
    2. Paste the token. 

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