Outlook integration FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the Outlook integration.

Does ClickUp require EWS Services to be enabled to use the add-in?

No, it is not required.

Is there any data caching data involved with the add-in?

ClickUp stores the user's token in cached info related to the account and keeps refreshing it. ClickUp only stores the user's connection details.

Is there any idle communication that would send information in emails between ClickUp and Outlook?

There is no caching of email data. ClickUp only looks for emails the user selected.

Can I co-sign the app and deploy my own version? 

We don't allow co-signing for security purposes. 

Does ClickUp have any mobile app extensions or add-ons?

Not at this time.

How is the communication secured?

All communications are TLS1.2/encryption at rest with AES-256 encryption. You can find more information on this below:

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