Use Custom Fields for CRM

With Custom Fields you can create unique task fields to manage client phone numbers, emails, notes, prospect items, or anything else you need.

We recommend the following Custom Field types for CRM Workspaces:


The Dropdown Custom Field gives you a list of options to choose from in a dropdown menu. You can use this Custom Field to display information such as:

  • CRM item type
  • Deal cycle stage
  • Customer segment


The Checkbox Custom Field gives your tasks a true or false checkbox. We recommend using the Checkbox Custom Field to identify candidates for drip campaigns.


With the Money Custom Field, you can display a formatted amount of money in any currency. Use this Custom Field to show:

  • Deal amount
  • Contract amount


Use the Number Custom Field to indicate a deal's discount or probability percentage.


The Phone Custom Field lets you assign a formatted phone number with country and area codes. We recommend using this Custom Field to record client phone numbers.


With the Email Custom Field, show formatted email addresses for each of your clients.


The Text Custom Field allows you to enter a single line of plain text. Use this field to record customer names or other identifying information.


The Location Custom Field shows a formatted address based on Google Maps. Use this Custom Field for the location of the company or prospect.

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