Use ClickApps for CRM

ClickApps allow you to customize your team's experience within your Workspace. To maintain a successful CRM Workspace, we recommend using the following ClickApps:


With Relationships ClickApp, you can build simple links between tasks in your Workspace or create an advanced database using Relationships between different Lists. We recommend the following Relationship types for CRM Workspaces:

  • Task Relationships: Link tasks that are related to the parent task, but not dependent. This Relationship can provide quick and easy access to things that overlap and highlights important items for you and your team.
  • Dependant Relationship: Use this Relationship for tasks that need to be completed in a set order. Tasks can either be waiting on or blocking another.
  • Reference Relationship: This Relationship is automatically created when a task is mentioned in another place. For example, if you mention a task in the comments, you'll see it automatically added as a Reference Relationship.
  • Custom Relationship: Create simple Lists of tasks from anywhere in your Workspace or link two Lists together.

Email in ClickUp

Email in ClickUp allows you to send and receive emails directly from ClickUp tasks, allowing you to take action instantly.

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