Doc Settings Menu

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Customize and manage your Docs using the Doc settings menu.

Check out the other settings menus available in Docs:

What you'll need

  • The Doc settings menu is available all ClickUp Plans.

  • All users, including guests, can use the Doc settings menu.

Access the Doc settings menu

To access the Doc settings menu:

  1. From inside a Doc, click the ... ellipsis menu in the top right corner of any Doc.

  2. Select a Doc settings menu option.

Doc settings menu options

Option Description


Change the name of the Doc.


Create an identical copy of this Doc in your Workspace.

Copy link

Copy the internal link to the Doc to the clipboard. This link will only work for people with access to the Doc in your Workspace.


Add the Doc to your Workspace favorites.

Add to


Add your Doc to a task as an attachment, to a Location as a Doc view, or to the Sidebar.

Save as Template

Create or update a Doc Template.

Apply Template

Find and use a Doc template.



See the history of edits and changes made to a Doc. You can also restore previous versions of the Doc.


Share this Doc with other people or publicly with a link. Set permissions to control who can do what with this Doc and any pages.


Archive a Doc.


Send the Doc to the Trash.

Protect this page or entire Doc

Protect the page or Doc to prevent unwanted edits.

Public sharing


Enable public sharing of your Doc to generate a unique URL and share content with people outside your organization.


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