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Customize and manage your Doc pages using the page settings menu.

Check out the other settings menus available in Docs:

What you'll need

  • The page settings menu is available all ClickUp Plans.

  • All users, including guests, can use the page settings menu.

Access the page settings menu

When a Doc has more than one page, you can manage pages individually using the page settings menu.

To access the page settings menu:

  1. From inside a Doc, find the page you want to manage.

  2. Hover over a page title and click the ... ellipsis. You can also right-click a page title.

  3. Select a page settings menu option.

If a Doc only has one page, you can manage it using Doc settings menu.


Screenshot of the Page Settings menu.

Page settings menu options




Update the name of an individual page.
Duplicate Create an identical copy of the page within the same Doc.
Copy link Copy the internal link to the page to your clipboard. This link will only work for people with access to the Doc in your Workspace.


Add the page to your Workspace favorites.

Move to

Move the page to a different Doc.

Save as Template

Create a page template.

Apply Template

Find and use a page template.

Attach a file

Browse for and attach a file from your device.
History See the history of edits and changes made to a page.
Last edited by See who last edited the page and when.
Share Share the page publicly via a web link.
Archive Archive the page.
Delete Send the page to the Trash.


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