Doc Tags

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Tags help you organize Docs on a whole new level!

Tags shine when you need to group, view, or manage related Docs that don't have a formal Relationship or have been shared with a location in your Workspace's hierarchy.

What you'll need

  • Unlimited Doc tags are available on our Business Plus Plan and Enterprise Plan

  • All other ClickUp plans include 100 uses of Doc tags

  • Guests can add or remove tags from a Doc, but they can't create, edit, or delete Doc tags

  • Guests can only use Workspace Doc tags

A use counts as:

  • Creating a new Doc tag

  • Adding a Doc tag to a Doc

  • Removing a Doc tag from a Doc

  • Deleting a Doc tag

Types of Doc tags

There are two types of Doc tags that enable you to organize and find Docs even faster!

  • Workspace Doc tags: These tags can be added to any Doc anywhere in your Workspace

  • Private Doc tags: These tags work exactly the same as Workspace tags, but they are private

Workspace Doc tags are available to the members in your Workspace. Private Doc tags are only visible to you.

Pro tip: Private tags can't be converted to Workspace tags.

Doc tags options

You can edit existing Doc tags by hovering over a tag and clicking the ellipsis.

Screenshot showing how to edit existing Doc tags.

  • Delete: Delete a tag. Deleting a Doc tag is permanent and cannot be recovered.

  • Rename: Update the name of a tag

  • Change color: Set the color for an individual tag

Add and edit tags from a Doc

Quickly and easily add Doc tags from the quick actions menu or the Doc settings menu.

Quick actions

Click the tags icon at the top right of a Doc to add a Doc tag.

Screenshot showing how to add and edit Doc tags.

Doc Settings menu

  1. Access the Doc settings menu

    • Either open the settings sidebar and click on the Doc settings icon

    • or click on the Doc settings icon from the quick access sidebar

  2. Click on the + icon to add a tag

  3. Once a tag has been added, click on it to edit or remove an individual tag

  4. Click to the right of existing tags to add more

Screenshot showing how to add a Doc tag from Doc Settings.

Search for Docs with Doc tags

You can use Doc tags to find your Docs.

To search using multiple filters:

  1. In Sidebar click Docs to expand the Docs menu to use the Doc tags search filter

  2. Click the Show filter to set your tag filter preferences

    Screenshot filtering Doc tags in Docs Home
  3. Sort by All, Private, or Workspace types of tags

  4. Order tags by most used or alphabetically

  5. Find Docs that contain any or all of the tags you're filtering for

For a quick search click one or more of the tags to the right of the Show filter to find all Docs that tag is applied to.

Can't find the tag you're looking for? Click View all to search, filter, and sort all Doc tags.


Screenshot viewing all Doc tags


Add and edit tags from Docs Home

You can work with tags right from Docs Home.

  1. Open Docs Home

  2. Click the + to add a new Doc tag

  3. Click on an existing tag to open the tags modal

  4. Create, edit, and apply tags

Screnshot showing how to add and edit Doc tags from Docs Home.

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