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Keep track of all your Workspaces while you're on the go by monitoring them in List and Board View!

The iOS (left) and Android (right) apps are practically identical when it comes to layout and actions within the app. Screenshots in this article are taken from both devices.

How to Use the Mobile List View

To choose a List to view, select the ClickUp logo in the top left corner.

Depending on where you are at in the app, you will either be taken to the current list you are viewing, or all of your Spaces (left). Swipe to get where you want (right).

Once you've selected a List, there are tons of customizable option to help you personalize your view!

  1. Open the View Options menu for the List

  2. Filter your tasks to drill down to the info you need

  3. Group your tasks by status, assignee, priority, tags or due date.

  4. Choose to show subtasks

  5. Access your Settings menu

  6. Choose Me Mode to only see tasks assigned to you

  7. View the List Info and comments

Use the Mobile Board View

To switch to Board View, click on the name of whichever view you are currently on.


You will be taken to the Views screen where you can select Board View.


Once in Board View, swipe between statuses to view which tasks you need to see. You will also notice an additional option to sort!


Create Tasks

Option 1

In List View, click on + New task and fill out the info for your task. 

In Board View, click the + sign at the top of a Board in which you are trying to add a new task. 

You can even type / when creating a task to access Slash Commands. These make it super fast to add assignees, priorities, and much more to your new task.

Option 2

Click the rainbow button in the lower right corner to create a new task. Here, you'll also be able to:

At the top of your screen, you can also access your Favorites (1) and the QuickSwitch (2)!


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