Intro to Me Mode and the People sidebar

ClickUp views will always show tasks assigned to all Workspace users by default. But with the People sidebar, you can select exactly whose tasks are shown in your current view or Me Mode to only show you the tasks that you're responsible for.

What you'll need

  • The People sidebar and Me Mode are only available on Workspaces with more than one person. 
  • The People sidebar and Me Mode are available on every ClickUp Plan!
  • Guests cannot see tasks assigned to other users when using the People sidebar.
  • The People sidebar and Me Mode cannot be used on the following views:

Use Me Mode

Me Mode allows you to see tasks that are assigned to you, or that need your attention.

Turning on Me Mode applies to every view in your Workspace, but it won't change any views for other people.

When you have Me Mode enabled, creating tasks will automatically assign them to you.

To use Me Mode:

  1. In the upper-right corner of your view click Filter then Me Mode.
    Screenshot of enabling Me Mode in ClickUp 3.0.

Me Mode options

To customize what you see in Me Mode, you can select from the following Me mode options:

  • Comments: Tasks with comments that are assigned to you.
    • Me Mode will not show comments assigned to any teams that you are a part of.
  • Subtasks: Tasks with subtasks assigned to you.
  • Checklists: Tasks with checklist items that are assigned to you.

To select or deselect one of these options:

  • With Me mode enabled, from the Me mode modal select or deselect an option.

Default to Me Mode

You can also make Me Mode the default for individual views. Turning on Default to Me Mode updates the view for everyone.

To make Me Mode the default:

  1. From the upper-right corner of the view click Customize, then select More settings. 
  2. Click Default to Me Mode

Changing the Me Mode options on a view that defaults to Me Mode will prompt you to save your changes for everyone.

Use the People sidebar

The People sidebar allows you to see the assigned tasks of anyone in the Workspace or many different users at once. 

Screenshot of several users in the People sidebar.

To use the People sidebar:

  1. In the upper-right corner, click the Assignees button.

  2. In the People sidebar, select the assignees or use the search bar to find an assignee.

    • To show tasks assigned to Teams, in the lower-right corner click select all. 
    • To see task comments assigned to people you've selected, in the lower-right corner enable Assigned comments.
  3. To collapse the People sidebar, in the sidebar's upper-right corner click the double-arrow icon. 

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