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Wir arbeiten daran, unsere Hilfecenter-Artikel zu übersetzen. Du kannst unser Hilfecenter auch auf Englisch nutzen oder uns kontaktieren, um Feedback zu geben.

Email templates save you time when you need to send saved responses. For example, teams can use templates for hiring, customer service tickets, billing questions, and more!

What you'll need

Task view 3.0 is currently in beta. Join the 3.0 waitlist.

Video overview

Watch the following ClickTip video on creating email templates!

Create an email template

The following instructions apply to both Task view 2.0 and Task view 3.0.

To create a template:

  1. Have an admin or owner ensure the Email ClickApp is enabled.
  2. Open a task.
  3. To the right, click the comment bar.
  4. Click the Send Email icon.
  5. Click the Email Templates icon.
    Screenshot of the email templates icon.
  6. Click + Add email template.
  7. Name the template.
  8. Enter an email subject, body, and any additional content you want.
  9. Select who you would like to share the template with.
  10. Click Create.

Screenshot of the New Email Template modal.

Apply an email template

To apply a template when composing a new email:

  1. Open a task.
  2. To the right, click the comment bar.
  3. Click the Send Email icon.
  4. Click the Email Templates icon.
  5. Select a recently-used template or search for a specific template.
  6. Click the template to apply it.

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