Gmail Email Authentication

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This doc covers how to connect your Gmail account to ClickUp so you can send and receive email communications from within a task thread. Click here to learn more about our Email in ClickUp feature.

How to Connect Your Gmail to ClickUp

Step 1

  • Within your task, click the down carrot next to comment and select Send mail

Screenshot of someone clicking the down caret next to 'comment' and select 'Send mail' in a task's activity section.

Step 2

  • Next to From, select Link an email

Screenshot of someone selectng 'Link an email' in a task's activity section.

Step 3

  • Sign in with Gmail

  • Choose your account

  • Allow ClickUp to access your Google Account

Step 4

  • Choose who can send emails from this account, create signatures, and build email templates

  • Click Done to start sending emails from ClickUp!

Screenshot of the options for who can send emails from a particular email account in ClickUp.

Note: When removing your Google account, it will be removed from the entire Workspace for security reasons. This will impact sending email from ClickUp, integrating your Google Calendar, and uploading attachments from Google Drive. You'll need to re-add your Google account to continue using these features.

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