Use Automations for marketing teams

ClickUp Automations can help to save your marketing team time and make them more efficient and productive. 

We recommend the following Automation for marketing teams that are using the recommendations in this guide: 

Move to List

We recommend creating an Automation that moves new marketing requests in the Incoming Requests List to the appropriate team Folder when the task type Custom Field is changed. 

For example, when a new marketing request task is created using the marketing request Form, the task will be moved, using an Automation, from the Incoming Requests List to the relevant team's List based on the chosen task type (e.g creative, campaigns & promotions, content). 

Screenshot of task type options on marketing request form

If the task type is not chosen during Form submission, your team can manually set the task type from the Incoming Requests List.

If you'd like to use this Automation in your Workspace, you'll need to navigate to the Incoming Requests List and create the Automation for each team in your Space which will look like this: 

Screenshot of an Automation that moves a task to a specific List when a certain Dropdown Custom Field value is selected.

Apply a template

We also recommend creating an Automation that applies a template when certain actions are performed. 

For example, when a task's status is changed, an Automation can apply a template that is specific to the current stage of your project's progress. 

If you'd like to configure an Automation to apply a template based on certain actions, your Automation should look something like this: 

Screenshot of an Automation that applies a task template.

Add a comment

You can also create an Automation that will notify specific teams or team members at important project milestones. 

For example, when a task or project requires a specific team member's attention, this Automation can leave a comment on the task which mentions the appropriate person.

If you'd like to create this Automation for your Workspace, it should look like this: 

Screenshot of an Automation that adds a comment to a task when it changes statuses.

To learn more about Automations in ClickUp, check out this article. 


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