Use Docs for marketing teams

With ClickUp Docs, you can put your work and the knowledge to do it all in one place, making knowledge instantly accessible and easy to find, allowing marketing teams to move faster and work with more confidence. 


Some of the Docs that we recommend including in your Marketing Teams Space are: 

Marketing Space wiki

The Marketing Space wiki Doc should be created at the Space level and is the perfect place to include any information about your marketing team for any external teams that may need to collaborate with you. 

Screenshot of marketing Space wiki example

Doc Repository

The Doc Repository can be used to capture various marketing documentation such as SOPs, campaign briefs, and more. The Doc Repository should exist within each team folder.

Screenshot of an example of the doc repository

Meeting Minutes 

The Meeting Minutes Doc will allow your team to keep notes and announcements from your team meetings in one convenient place. Capturing each meeting as a section within the same page allows for quick updates and easier search within a single Doc.

Screenshot of an example of meeting minutes Doc

To learn more about the power of ClickUp Docs, check out this article. 


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