Intro to ClickUp University

ClickUp University is the place to level up your skills to increase productivity and save time!

Register for ClickUp University

The courses, use cases, live training, certificates, and ClickTips videos are available to all ClickUp users.

To register, click Sign In on the upper-right corner of the ClickUp University homepage.

Screenshot of the ClickUp University homepage showing how to sign in.


Our interactive courses include videos, hands-on exercises, and quizzes.

ClickUp Learning Paths

From the ClickUp University homepage, select a series of linked courses that you can progress through at your own pace.

Screenshot of the ClickUp University Learning Paths page.

Browse courses

From the ClickUp University homepage click All Courses to search for courses. Filter by your role and level of ClickUp expertise, course type, or course topic.

My Courses and My Profile

To track the courses you've started, need to complete, and have finished click the My Courses button. Or you can click My Profile in the upper-right corner.

From My Profile, you can also add a profile picture.

Use Cases

Our Use Cases series offers courses on how to use ClickUp for a specific industry, like software teams.

Live Training Workshops and On-Demand Webinars

You can register for workshops and or watch our recorded webinars!

We offer hour-and-a-half live Workshop sessions led by ClickUp instructors. From the filter on the left, select a level and choose Workshop to browse by session. Or open our Live training Calendar to view the times and dates our sessions are offered. 

Our On-Demand Webinars are created by ClickUp trainers and can be viewed at any time. From the filter on the left select a level and choose On-Demand to browse by webinar.

Screenshot showing the Live Training page, the Level and Type filter, and the Live training Calendar button.


Show the world you're a master of productivity, even if you're just starting out. Find out how to earn a Novice, Intermediate, or Expert certificate on the ClickUp university Certificates page!

Screenshot of the Novice, Intermediate, and Expert certificates that can be earned.


ClickTips are short video tutorials created by ClickUp trainers that dive deep into a specific feature or topic. 

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