Integrations for PMO teams

PMO teams can use our integrations to improve communication and knowledge management, track time, reduce context switching, and more. Our team uses several integrations to improve productivity, so we've listed some of our best recommendations for PMO teams in this article.

Communication and knowledge management

Make team communication easier with the following integrations:


Use the Slack integration to receive ClickUp notifications in Slack and create tasks from Slack.

Many PMO teams and our team at ClickUp use Slack to create tasks from Slack conversations, such as requests from executives.


Use the SharePoint integration to attach files from SharePoint to ClickUp.

Google Drive

Use the Google Drive cloud storage integration to store and attach files outside ClickUp. 

Time tracking

Our team uses ClickUp's native Time Tracking, though many PMO teams track or sync time from ClickUp using the following integrations:


Use the TimeDoctor integration to track time from your ClickUp tasks.


Use the Clockify integration to track time from your ClickUp tasks and run time entry reports directly from Clockify.


Use the Timeneye integration to track time from your ClickUp tasks.


Use the Harvest integration to sync time automatically with your ClickUp tasks. As you add time to tasks in ClickUp, your Harvest time tracking sheet will be updated with each entry containing the task title and task ID.

Connect ClickUp with other apps

The following integrations allow you to connect ClickUp with thousands of other apps:


Use the Workload integration to connect ClickUp with hundreds of business apps.


Use the Zapier integration to connect ClickUp with thousands of apps.


Use Zoho to integrate ClickUp with hundreds of apps.

Additional integrations

We also recommend the following integrations for PMO teams:


Embed Figma bookmarks and other content directly into your ClickUp Workspace. 


Our team uses ClickUp Whiteboards, though many PMO teams use the Miro integration for whiteboards. This integration allows you to turn Miro objects into ClickUp tasks, embed Miro boards in ClickUp Docs, and more.


Use the Missive integration to create and update ClickUp tasks from your Missive inbox.


Use the Fellow integration to sync tasks between Fellow and ClickUp.


Use the Slab integration to unfurl ClickUp tasks inside Slab.


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