Intro to ClickUp University certificate

ClickUp University is our customer-facing self-paced learning platform. There are courses to help new or existing guests, members, and admins on your team build foundational learning.
Complete learning paths, earn certificates to verify your knowledge, then share your credentials via LinkedIn or other social media!

What you'll need?

Earn ClickUp University certificates

ClickUp University lets you dive deeper into core features and productivity tips to grow your skills.
When you're ready to demonstrate your ClickUp knowledge and skills, take an exam to get a certificate! Each certificate also has a recommended learning path that you can use to prep for the exam, but they're not required.
Our ClickUp certificate exams are open-book, have no time limit, and there are no limits to the number of attempts you can make.
There are three levels of certificates:
  • Novice Certificate: A beginning certificate associated with introductory courses. Completing this certificate will provide you with a solid foundation in your knowledge and skills as you get started in ClickUp.
  • Intermediate Certificate: Geared towards building and applying your ClickUp skills and knowledge on core features that help you level up your productivity.
  • Expert Certificate: Geared towards ClickUp admins of Workspaces who want to show the world they are experts in both ClickUp and productivity.

Get your exam certificate

Once you've passed a ClickUp University certificates exam, you'll receive an email with your certificate. You can view, download, and print your certificate or share it on social media.
Click the Add to Profile button directly in your email to add a badge to your LinkedIn Account! Your certificate info will auto-fill into the fields. 

Share your certificate from ClickUp University

To share your certificate from within your ClickUp university profile:
  1. Go to ClickUp University.
  2. Click your account avatar.
  3. Click My Profile.
  4. In the Registrations section, you can view your in-progress and completed certificates.
  5. Once you've completed an exam and received your certificate, in the Status column, you can:
    • Click View Certificate to view or download your certificate.
    • Click the Add to Profile button to add the certificate to your LinkedIn profile.

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